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Real Estate Attorney in Overland Park, Kansas

The world of real estate — whether commercial or residential — can be incredibly complex. Both buyers and sellers must commit a great deal of time and money in order to make a transaction go smoothly, which is often easier said than done. If you’re looking to lighten the burden of your real estate issue, consider hiring an attorney.

At Burns Law LLC, I’m well-versed in a wide range of real estate issues, including eminent domain and zoning laws. If you need an attorney to represent you in a litigation case or review your purchase agreement, reach out to me. I’ll work to help you understand your rights and your options going forward.

Schedule a consultation with me today to learn more about my services. I’m proud to serve clients across the Kansas City metro, including residents of Overland Park, Olathe, and Leawood, Kansas.

Why Hire a Real Estate Attorney?

Working with a real estate attorney can help simplify the transaction or litigation process. These skilled professionals are well-versed in the laws surrounding real estate and can explain the often confusing jargon found in its contracts. Other areas in which an attorney can help include:

  • Drafting and reviewing legal documents

  • Negotiating on your behalf

  • Investigating liens found in a title search of your potential property

  • Representing you during the closing process

  • Mitigating any problems found during a property inspection

  • Identifying other potential problems the average person would miss

It can be especially helpful to have a real estate attorney during a commercial property transaction, as the rules and regulations involved can be even more complicated. When you need legal advice backed by experience, contact me at Burns Law LLC.

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Reasons for Real Estate Litigation

Real estate disputes can stem from a variety of problems, and they typically involve the need for knowledgeable representation. As an attorney who’s been handling real estate cases since 2003, I understand what strategies can help resolve different disputes. Some of the most common cases I’ve handled have been caused by:

  • Breaches of warranty

  • Breaches of contract

  • Specific performance

  • Home defects

  • Boundary disputes

  • Co-owner disputes

  • Homeowners’ association (HOA) disputes

  • Title disputes

  • Fraud

The real estate litigation process can be tough. You need an attorney who can craft a strong argument and advocate fiercely for your desired results. Tell me if you’re currently involved in a residential or commercial real estate dispute.

Clauses to Consider in A Commercial Lease

Whether you’re the lessor or the lessee, there are many important factors to consider in regards to a commercial real estate lease. Be sure to speak with an attorney who can help you understand your contracts, modify its terms, and avoid potential pitfalls.

Personal Guarantee Clause

As a lessee, if you sign a commercial lease that includes a personal guarantee clause, you promise to pay your lease no matter what circumstances arise. If something goes wrong, such as a loan being defaulted, you will be still responsible for making your lease payment (likely using your own personal funds). Personal guarantee clauses often require lessees to attach specific assets to their leases that can be automatically withdrawn when their other payments fail.

Use Clause

The use clause in your lease details what you intend to use the property for, whether it be for warehousing, retail, or another purpose. Before you sign your lease, it is critical that you review it for any restrictions that would affect your ability to conduct business.

Exclusivity Clause

You may want to include an exclusivity clause in your lease if you want to fend off competitor presence. This type of clause prevents lessors from leasing a similar business in a space adjacent to yours. For example, if you are opening an Italian restaurant in Overland Park, Kansas, and your lease includes an exclusivity clause, your landlord cannot lease a nearby space to another Italian restaurant.

For more information on what clauses to look for in your commercial lease, get in touch with me at Burns Law LLC.

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Buying, selling, or leasing a new real estate property can be an exciting time in your life, but it can also cause a great deal of stress. Discover how working with an attorney can take some of the burden off of your shoulders. When you have a professional helping you with things like contract reviews and negotiations, you can breathe a little easier.

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